Disney channels return to YouTube TV after brief disappearance

YouTube and Disney reached an impasse late last week that resulted in the disappearance of 18 Disney-owned channels from YouTube TV. As YouTube explained, they partner with content owners to bring various channels to YouTube TV and occasionally, these deals need to be renewed. Despite negotiating for several months, the two sides were unable to reach an agreement that both deemed fair before the existing contract expired, thus the channels were pulled from YouTube’s streaming service.

YouTube TV decreased its monthly rate by $15, from $64.99 to $49.99, to reflect the change.

Cooler heads seemingly prevailed over the weekend as both sides returned to the negotiating table and were able to hammer out a new deal. This means that all of the channels that were pulled, including ABC, FX, National Geographic and the ESPN family of channels, have returned. So, too, has the original $64.99 price point.

YouTube said it will still honor the promised $15 discount, which will be applied as a one-time credit for all customers that were impacted by the situation. This also goes for anyone that has initiated the cancellation process. So long as you resume your membership before you lose access, you’ll still get the $15 credit.

YouTube TV is one of a handful of over-the-top services that deliver content over the Internet, bypassing traditional cable, satellite and broadcast platforms. Popular alternatives include Hulu Live TV (also owned by Disney) and Sling TV, a Dish Network subsidiary. Sony also operated a streaming TV service called PlayStation Vue, but shut it down in early 2020 to focus on gaming.