Members of banned pedophile association to be prosecuted

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) is prosecuting three members of banned pedophile association Martijn, a spokesperson confirmed to NOS on Sunday night after reports in other Dutch media.

Marthijn U., Nelson M., and Norbert de J. are suspected of being active in the banned association online over the past years. RTL Nieuws reported that some of their journalists managed to infiltrate a private email group of former Martijn members. They found that these members were sharing tips on how to abuse children without getting caught, according to the broadcaster.

Pedophilia – fantasizing about sex with children under the age of 13 – is not in itself illegal in the Netherlands, but it is illegal to sexually abuse a child. Child pornography is also illegal.

Exactly when the three suspects will be brought to court is not yet clear. An OM spokesperson told NOS that a draft indictment was submitted to the magistrate for examination. Prosecution will likely happen later this year, the spokesperson said.